You are a unique person with your own interests that
include sports and culture.

Fedsas is the national representative organisation of school governing bodies that informs its members, organises, mobilises and assists them to achieve the highest international approved standards in schools.

FEDSAS kicks 2019 off with its campaign #LekkeDifferent. The goal of the campaign is to motivate learners from schools all over the country to celebrate their uniqueness and diversity.

FEDSAS aims to get every learner in South Africa to tell their own story and what makes them different from their friends and acquaintances. Skin colour, age, interests, culture or religion do not define who you are.

Tell your story

Tell your story on how unique you are, but that you also have best friends who are different. Use a photo or video in your Instagram or Facebook page.

Remember to use the hashtags #LekkeAnders or #LekkeDifferent. You can also tag @FEDSAS in your posts.

Learners tell their story